Hall of Distinction Honorees

Congrats to our Class of 2023 honorees!  See the ceremony here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6f-UAqqrIw


2023        Jay Bishop (Class of 1950); Ann Bradway; Richard E. Davis, Sr.; Dottie McGrew; David Schumaker; Steve Warren (Class of 1975)


1990        The Hoover Foundation; Raymond Swope; A. R. Basinger, M.D.

1991        Mary L. Evans; Mabel Studer; Ralph T. (Tip) Warburton, M.D. (Class of 1926)

1992        Jean M. Arndt; E. R. Malone; Thomas B. Shipley, M.D.; Dick Snyder (Class of 1962)

1993        Ruth H. Basner; Katherine Clarke Hunt (Class of 1971); H. Wayne Russell; The Sideliners Club

1994        Roger Bishop; Elizabeth Bricker; Don Hertler, Sr.; William Krichbaum, M.D.

1995        Robert Braucher; North Canton Elks; Brooks & Kay Powell; Florence Stahler

1996        Catharine Nelius Willaman; Evan Schiltz; William Owens; Ruth Wagner Miller; Wayne & Ted Hummel

1997        Nanette DeMuesy; Greentown Athletic Club; Gordon Knisely; David H. “Bud” Mathie; Raymond Trachsel

1998        H. W. “Boss” Hoover & W. H. Hoover; Don LaHue; Gloria Logan; Shirley Ruch; Germane Swanson

1999        Dick Armstrong; Frank Berrodin; Raymond J. Sumser; North Canton Rotary

2000       Barbara A. Russell Donaho; Richard L. (Dick) Miller; Richard C. Wearstler; William R. Willis; Harley & Mary Price

2001        Louis K. Acheson; Robert “Corky” Eck III; North Canton Jaycees; Millie Honald; Russell A. “Smitty” Smith

2002       Robert L. Berrodin; Tim Powell; Jack L. Sponseller; Dr. James F. Yonally

2003       Frederick J. Krum; Richard McElroy; Earl Loren Stockert; Mrs. Helen Hoover; North Canton Heritage Society

2004       Fred Huth; Jud Logan (Class of 1977); Sheila Markley Black (Class of 1965); Les Mohler, M.D. (Class of 1953); Phil Stahler

2005       Todd Blackledge (Class of 1979); Dr. Laura Dugan (Class of 1977); Vic Stefan; William DeGregorio

2006       Paul Himes; Constance Howes (Class of 1971); Mario Mattichone; North Canton Fire Department

2007       Delvin Baker; James E. Brandau, Ph.D; David Wesley Johnson, Sr.; David Kinkema

2008       George and Ann Armour; Ted Isue; A. Michael Sumser

2009       Cindy Lazor; David Lindower (Class of 1958); Dr. Robert Roden; Paul Weber; North Canton Chamber of Commerce

2010       Paul L. Neiss; W. Don Reader; Rosemary Shahan; William D. Nutt; Joe Peters

2011        Ed Glass; Bruce Greenho; Michael L. Howard (Class of 1969); Helen M. Kolp; North Canton Youth Football

2012        D. Kim Cooksey (class of 1975); Lisa Warburton-Gregory (class of 1976); Jesse McDowell; Charlie Schafer; Eugene Schafer (class of 1925)

2013        Edward Beck, Jr. (class of 1968); Myron Draper (class of 1959); John Evans; Sister Susanne Gill (Barbara)(class of 1948); The Lions Club of North Canton

2014        James A. Brown (class of 1958); Gary Giammarco, DDS; Henry Clay Holl; Judge John R. Hoffman (class of 1963); Mary Elizabeth Jordan

2015        Dr. John Andrea; Bob McCaman (class of 1943); Bob McCleaster (class of 1958); Mary McManaway; Tom Shoup

2016        Martin Alexander; Brian Dyak (class of 1967); Michael Gallina; Philip Howes (class of 1953)

2017        Dr. Gregory Gray (Class of 1966); James Phillip Holl (Class of 1949); William J. Lhota (Class of 1957); Lewis Miller; Lee Russell Sahadi (Class of 1975)

2018        Glenn and Ardis DeHoff; Ron Hartman (Class of 1975); Christina Lauria (Class of 1976); Ryan Meinerding (Class of 1995); Scott Warburton (Class of 1978)

2019        Cornelius Aultman; Steve Gregory; Dr. Bill Mason (Class of 1958); Eddie McClintock (Class of 1985); Rick McQueen (Class of 1977)

2020        Paul Beinlich; Milo and Betty Bixler; Rick Morrison; Daryl Revoldt (Class of 1969)

2021        David Cochenour (Class of 1980); Nadine Secunde (Class of 1970); Judge Timothy Stanceu (Class of 1969); Susie Hertler Van Vranken (Class of 1974)

2022        Martha (Strauch) Bell (Class of 1985); Logan Family Foundation; Bina Mehta, MD (Class of 1987); Kyle Putinski (Class of 2003); Handy Wolf (Class of 1942)