Alma Mater

1. Our strong band can ne’er be broken,
Formed in Hoover High.
Far surpassing wealth unspoken
Sealed by friendship’s tie.

Alma Mater, Alma Mater,
Deep graven on each heart
Shall be found unwav’ring true, when
We from life shall part.

2.  High School life at best is passing,
Gliding swiftly by;
Then let us pledge in word and deed,
Our love for Hoover High.

The tune for our Alma Mater is “Annie Lisle”, an 1857 ballad by songwriter H. H. Thompson. The tune was adopted by many colleges, universities, and high schools as their respective alma mater songs. Cornell is thought to be the first university to do so.

For North Canton, the new school on Charlotte Street built in 1929 helped the local educational system to come of age. During the 1930’s, almost in rapid succession, the alma mater was composed, the Viking symbol was adopted, along with the designation of orange and black as our colors.

With the move to the new high school on Fair Oaks in 1958, the alma mater was changed slightly to use “Hoover High” instead of “No-Ca-Hi”.